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About us

Learn about our company history and values

Family Values, Professional Service

We’re Spotless Cleaning, a family-run cleaning company in Central Iowa, and we’re in the business of making space shine.

For us, it’s not just about cleaning; it’s about connecting to customers. It’s the family touch in a professional service.

Decades of Dedication

Starting 20 years ago, our mission was simple: provide reliable cleaning services while connecting to the customer.

Time flies when you’re dedicated to what you do, and with each year, we’ve improved, adapted, and always ensured our clients feel content with our services.

Our Goal

“Our goal is to leave your space completely clean, ensure your satisfaction and connect with our clients personally.”

Unka, Owner

Promise of Excellence

While we’re proud of our rich experience, our main badge of honor is our client’s trust in us. Every project reflects our dedication. You can expect great service with a personal touch each and every time.

Every space we clean is a testament to our commitment, and we guarantee to offer the best customer service experience you’ll ever have.

  • Open and transparent communication

  • Decades of experience

  • We treat every space as our own, with respect and care

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